Imprint Size and Layout

As much as we would love to have unlimited options when imprinting your product, that is not up to us when dealing with domestic products. Each product's imprint area is pre-determined based on the manufacturer's specifications to ensure your logo looks its best on every product. This means the suppliers have physical limitations with their printing process that can't be adjusted.

There are often minimum font size/spacing restrictions for each manufacturer as well. These restrictions are in place to make sure your text or design doesn't "bleed" together. If your font is smaller than our minimum requirement, you run the risk of losing small details in your imprint, especially when you use ink printing. For example, at a very small size, the inside of the letter "o" could end up filled in with ink.

To ensure that none of these issues affect your project, we will provide a virtual proof of your order for you to review and approve! This proof will include a template outline, so that you can verify your brand is displayed exactly how you want it.

Art Proof Example

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